Sugar Detox ~ Quick Workouts ~ Cutting Corners

11 Jan

Happy Sunday Everyone!  Happy because I have my Peets coffee in hand.  Happy because half the food prep work for the week is done.  Happy because the bathroom is already clean and all that is left is mopping.  Happy because it is January and the weather is topping the high 60s ~ nothing like a 8 mile run in shorts and a tank in January.

Wow – how sad is it that I started this post on Sunday morning and am trying to finish it at 5(am) on Wednesday morning.

As a busy mom and fitness instructor I have been trying to find ways to carve out time for myself, get in quick workouts when I can and also get through the 21-Day Sugar Detox.   Here are my quick tips for busy moms/parents:

Workouts – keep them short, but really intense – 30 minutes or less works if you really kick your own butt.  These can be all body weight, some weights, whatever you can do.  There are some basic exercises that I like to include in all workouts because being able to do these exercises effectively really helps with every day life chore/activities:
– Squats
– Pushups
– Burpees
– V-Ups

You can download the Tabata Timer onto your computer and do 30/30 or 60/30 or 50/10 depending on your fitness level (first number is working as hard as you can/second number is recovery time).

I post regular workouts on my fitness website @ – check them out.  Start at a level that works for you and don’t get discouraged.

Cutting Corners – this is basically food prep work.  I wash all vegetables and fruit, I baked and cook in large batched.  I use a food processor the cut vegetables for salads in the evening.  I bake several chicken breasts on Sunday while cleaning, laundry, etc and add these to dinners for everyone.  I make a large batch of brown rice with chicken broth, onion, garlic, salsa added, tumeric, chili powder & paprika – it’s not too spicey for the kids, but flavorful for my husband.  I bake healthy versions of cookies for the kids as snacks for the week.  I pack all lunches the night before while putting dinner together so everything can be grab and go the next day.  I pack all backpacks the night before as well. 

Sugar Detox – check out my fitness blog for recipes and updates as I am trying to post there regularly.  Also, like my Facebook page @!/pages/BASE-Fitness-Marin/120869794663976



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