Ultimate Reset Review – Quick Overview

10 Sep

Not a lot of people would be crazy enough to take on a 21-day cleanse after surgery, but 3 weeks post-surgery, I decided that I needed to basically RESET my system from all the drugs, trauma of surgery, etc.  My digestion has been horrible since the surgery (lack of exercise means lack of movement with your entire system), I’ve had the strangest metal like in my mouth that has made certain foods that I normally love taste horrible and I am finding that I started eating not the healthiest “mushy” foods.

Ultimate Reset is a 21-day cleanse program offered by Beach Body.   I have been following several people on the cleanse at various stages, to decide if this was something I wanted to do.  I knew that I would probably never do this cleanse at any other time as you are not able to exercise during the cleanse.  Also, I knew that being home would be best as there is a set schedule for taking all of the supplements and time invested in the food preparation.  If there was ever going to be a right time – now is that time.

I have done a lot of research on the supplements used and I really believe in this program…but I always find that there is so much more validity in words when you try it for yourself…so here I am, trying it for myself.

Here is a quick overview and please, if you want to reach more about the cleanse, head on over to this link and watch the videos http://myultimatereset.com/basefitmarin).  Also, please feel free to ask any questions along the way.  I provide reviews of products and I try to be honest, but I don’t always hit everything.

Week One is Reclaim:

You have a set meal plan that you follow for all 3 meals each day.  During the first week, you are allowed eggs twice for breakfast and chicken and salmon each once during the week.  The remainder of the week is predominantly vegetarian.  I know that Paleo folks may shun this as both grains and beans are included, but there have been enough people who have done the program now (yep, even CrossFitters and non-vegetarian/vegan folks) and will skeptical, the results are in (many do blood panel work in advance.  I will do mine in the end as I had all my blood work done right before my surgery).

I have food aversions (yep, I did the full diet elimination last year to find out which foods are on my high sensitivity list), so I am mixing the food for the week.  My aversions include soy, nightshade vegetables (so no potatoes, peppers, eggplant, mushrooms, and tomatoes), milk (but am okay with yogurt), citrus acid, gluten, avocados, coconut, and peanuts.  I did email the consultant for Ultimate Reset and was told that I can switch out any meals within the same week for those meals containing ingredients that I need to avoid. 

Day 1 – Breakfast: I did fruit plate and Greek yogurt.  I am fine with plain yogurt, so I don’t add sweetener.  I didn’t do the toast as I don’t do wheat bread.  Lunch: Greek salad with hardboiled egg instead of chicken breast.  Dinner: black beans and rice tacos, with salsa and steamed kale.   

I am a big planner so I did all shopping on Saturday, washed and cut up all vegetables and put them in the proper marinades (EVO, Him Salt, etc).  Yesterday I made a pot of MISO soup and a pot of the zucchini cashew soup.  I roasted a variety of nuts/seeds for salads and I made quinoa, brown rice and the roasted root vegetables (since they take the longest to cook).  I find that it is best for me to be able to pull food from the refrigerator in the evenings without having to take a lot of time to prepare a meal.  I find those are the times when I snack until dinner is ready, so I am taking those extra steps to ensure success.


Day 2 – I did gluten free steel cut oatmeal, 1C berries and yogurt.  Lunch: Quinoa salad and micro green salad.  Dinner: Miso vegetable Soup, Stir Fry Veggies and 1/2 C Brown Rice.

You drink approximately a gallon of water today and 36 ounces of that water is 30 minutes before meals with Himalayan salt provided as well as other supplements.

Day One I felt a little hungry midday and I suspect that is due, in large part, to the fact that I was preparing all of the soups. During my normal Sunday food prep, I generally don’t eat regular meals as I am tasting all of the foods that I am preparing for the week.

Day Two – it’s been more than 3 hours since I finished breakfast and I am not even a little hungry.  Pretty surprising for me, but the steel-cut oatmeal packs a serious punch.  I will continue to give an update and review.

As a side note.  I didn’t take a starting weight.  The day of my surgery I weighed 126lbs and I lost 8lbs while in the hospital from my surgery, but have since regained some of that weight.  I will take an end weight and I will take measurements later today to see where I am.  I also didn’t take any pictures yesterday.  I was a chaotic day, so I will try to do pictures today or tomorrow for start and finish.

Have questions?  Feel free to ask away.

~ Amy



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