Ultimate Reset – Day 4…Ode to Peet’s, where are you Peet’s

12 Sep









I realized this morning as I lifted (barely as if you have been reading my posts, I am almost upright when I sleep) myself off the couch with only 4 hours of sleep, I was hoping and praying that my husband would bring me back a large Peet’s coffee instead of herbal tea.

I was so psyched to do this cleanse and purge all of the drugs from the surgery from my system and restore a natural balance to my digestive system.  One of my commitments to doing the cleanse was to blog my experience so that maybe others can learn from my experience.

Doing a cleanse of any kind, there is always the good, the bad and the ugly.  I like to end on a high note, so let’s start with the bad and the ugly.


NO COFFEE, when you like coffee is hard.  I am a Peet’s lover and the smell of a fresh brewed cup of Peet’s coffee and that first sip is part of my morning ritual.  Teeccino is nice and all and maybe would work if you like Starbucks, but Peet’s drinkers won’t be pleased (I do Peet’s french press extra strong, so this is rough).

– SLEEP is HORRIBLE.  Yes, there are those who are going to tell you that their sleep is amazing and they have SO much energy.  That cannot always be true for everyone.  I am a fitness instructor and on those days when I am not teaching, I am usually out on a 10 mile run, doing my own workout or at CrossFit.  This is on top of my regular job.  On these regular days, I am out like a light – head hits the pillow and I don’t move until the alarm goes off.  During this cleanse and without exercise (sorry folks, walking is what you do to get from point A to B, it doesn’t fall under “exercise” for me), I can’t fall asleep, my sleep is not sound and I am not energized.  There is no endorphin rush, there is no “I feel better than I have ever felt before” – there is just an unwavering yearning for Peet’s coffee and a square of 88% dark chocolate.

DIGESTION is HORRIBLE.  Hey, I promised at the very start of this blog when I started with my surgery that I was going to be honest even if some folks might not agree (guess what, that’s okay too, because I am talking about how this is impacting me).  The lack of exercise and the pairing together of new foods as slowed my digestion to snail pace.  I am actually looking forward to Phase 2 (AKA Week 2) when I get to start taking the Detox.  I am on Day 4 today, but am really hoping my digestion improves.

My MOOD SUCKS.  Admittedly the combination of no exercise, no Peets and not sleeping well is making for a very grumpy and short-tempered Amy….that is never good for anyone around me.  If there is some high to ride from this cleanse, I have yet to experience such a high (see, can you hear the grumpy sarcasm).

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ~ enough of being Debbie Downer with the Bad and the Ugly, I promised that I would be ending on a high note, so let’s get to the good.


– The FOOD is DELICIOUS.  Yep the food is fantastic.  There are some pairings that I have not tried before that I really enjoy.  Having been vegan for 12 years, I am no stranger to a plant-based diet, but I did not make a lot of soups and sauces before.  These are all really really good!

– The supplements are palatable.  I read a lot of reviews about how horrible they were, but the alkaline is okay.  I guess all of my green smoothies make the taste okay.

– My skin looks brighter and healthier…I mean the part of my skin that is all squeezed up over the collar, not what’s stuck under the collar with all the stuff that gets stuck down there over the course of the day.

– I get to improve my “Chef” skills.  If you didn’t know, I am a self-proclaimed chef, so an opportunity to give new spices and recipes a try is fun.

– My husband is LOVING the meals.  Since I cook the meals, he eats what I have, except he adds chicken or fish to the meals in the evenings.

– My husband is getting hooked on Vegan Tropical Berry Shakeology.  Since I am not drinking it during the cleanse, he is having it and is loving it.  He hated the chocolate, so I am thrilled he is giving this a try.

Let me give a quick recap of the meals from Dinner Day 2 to breakfast this morning (Day 4).

Day 2 Dinner ~ Stir Fry Vegetables over Brown Rice and Hearty Miso Soup.

My husband did everything I did, but his Miso Soup was without the vegetables (he had extra Miso to taste, green onions and wakame seaweed) and then a splash of Braggs Amino.  He also paired it with Ahi Tuna and wasabi and said it was the best (albeit expensive) dinner he has had in a while

Day 3 Breakfast – plain greek yogurt, 2 cups of low glycemic fruit and one piece of rice toast.  I spread my yogurt on my toast and topped it with the kiwi and it was so good.  Wow wee.  I had herbal tea awhile later and then teeccino just before lunch.  Again not Peets, but it is what it is.

Day 3 Lunch was better than expected.  It called for 1/3 cup of humus, but I totally

screwed this up and got less than 1/4 cup from Good Earth.  I also don’t do red peppers, so I substituted half cucumbers and half celery.  The other dish is a quinoa salad.  I love salads, so I must admit that I loved the Microsalad and the Green Salad much more than the Quinoa salad.  My digestive system also likes the raw greens, but the quinoa salad is also good.

Day 3 Dinner ~ last night we did the zucchini/cashew soup, roasted root vegetables and quinoa.  The soup was seriously amazing.  Even my husband commented on how amazing it was.  The roasted root vegetables were good, but I prefer just regular roasted vegetables.  The root vegetables feel very heavy and I have never done well with a lot of sweet potatoes, but I am going to keep going with the foods that are not on my avoidance list since there are already so many foods I can’t have.

Last, but not least, I took Days 3 breakfast from the Ultimate Reset book and made it my Day 4 Breakfast.

That tasty concoction is egg whites and spinach in 1/2 tsp of olive oil.  The book called for 2 eggs, but the eggy taste of yolks makes me want to hurl, so I did 5 whites instead and 4 cups of spinach (I love spinach).  Spices added include cumin, smoked paprika and chili powder and a dash of finely ground Himalayan salt.  I again went with the toast from yesterday and topped with the egg/spinach.  It was pretty tasty I must say.

All in all, I know that the cleanse is worth it because my system needs to be cleansed from all of the drugs during and post-surgery.

Do I recommend this for others?  Absolutely.

Is it hard?  Undoubtedly.

Would I do it again?  Probably, but it would have to be another time when I lay off of my workouts again due to necessity as it is tough.

Will I keep the recipes and use them post-cleanse?  We will use about 70% of the recipes post-cleanse and I will likely come up with a monthly menu board (maybe it will end up on Pintrest…follow me if you want to).

Have questions about the cleanse or the food?  Just email me @ basefitmarin@yahoo.com or fit4lifewithamy@yahoo.com


~ Amy


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