Road to Recovery

This page is where I will chronicle my road to recovery after having 3 Level Cervical Fusion.   I was shocked this summer to learn that I needed surgery on my cervical spine to prevent further spinal cord damage and loss of fine motor skills and balance.  Three years of misdiagnosis by several doctors and being told that I needed wrist surgery in both wrists, I finally made the decision to see a doctor at Tam Orthopedics, who, within 5 minutes of being in his office, determined I needed an MRI on my cervical spine and referred me to their spine clinic. 

Visit this page to see what happened when I received the news, the frustrations leading up to the surgery, the surgery and now my road to recovery.  As someone who is used to doing everything for herself and being in charge of the house, groceries, cleaning, etc ~ this journey has challenged me in ways far beyond the physical.

Filled with tears, fear, strength and perserverance….I am determined to find my way back and be in even better shape than I was before.   I will do it smarter.  I will do it better educated.  I will do it with a greater sense of balance…but never doubt, I will get there.


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